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  1. Need a new sub for 2.1 system

    Two Channel Audio
    New to forum and have enjoyed reading as a visitor, lots of thoughtful, bright folks. My 2.1 systems is sans a sub right now and the issue is complicated since we are building a new home (read as down sizing). The 2.1 set up is currently a Yamaha R-S700 and a matched pair of Spendor SP7/1's and...
  2. Help with system revamp !

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hi everyone first post here in the forum but i could use some help with making some changes to my setup. I assume that everyone can see my current setup. I have just sold the Bose 301's and the Klipsch B-3's. that leaves me with the Polk cs-2 center and Polk rm7 sats in the rear. I've been...
  3. 2.1 system Built

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hi!, i'm from Colombia and i'm about to buy the SA240-B plate amplifier in amazon or parts express, the question that i have is: i have the subwoofer box and the subwoofer (12" 500w, no rms), ok, but also i have two small (but powerfull) satellital speakers for mid-high sounds, i don't have any...
  4. Drive 2.1 stereo with 2.0 stereo receiver?

    AV Home Theater
    I have a 15 year old Luxman 2.0 stereo receiver that I love for it's pure sound, but it's time to replace my speakers. Space is limited in my listening room, and I've decided upon a pair of JBL L830 bookshelf speakers and a JBL ES150P powered subwoofer. Question: Do I have to replace my 2.0...