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  1. Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    I have a i3NUC and even though I can watch movies at 2.35... I cannot set my desktop for 2.35. Is anyone able to run their desktop at 2.35?
  2. DIY Screens
    I have a 5'x10' sheet of Sintra trying to decide weather to build a 2.35 or 16:9 screen ?? Do some just build a simple frame around the WHOLE sheet 5'x10' to get the best of both worlds ?? Using the 10' length for 2.35 material , and then using the 5' height for the biggest 16:9 , ???
  3. Home Theater Projectors
    I 'm a little confused about the 2:35 format. I have a epson 8500ub witch i would like to manually zoom it out to fill up the back bars. If i manually zoom out to fill a 120" 2:35 screen, i was told that it would be the eqivalent of doing 150". Why? Is there a difference in picture quality...
  4. Home Theater Design and Construction
    I'm in the planning stages and I'm having a difficult time deciding which size screen I want/need. This will be a theater after all, so my main focus is movies, but there will be some HDTV watching with sports and the occasional game session with the Wii (if not blocking the projector beam...)...
  5. General Screen Discussion
    I had a quick question about calculating foot lamberts for a 2:35:1 aspect ratio screen when an anamorphic lens is not used. When calculating foot lamberts for a 2.35:1 aspect ratio screen, do I use the screen area or do I have take into account the black bars? I do not plan on using an...
1-5 of 5 Results