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  1. Upgrade from a onkyo 3008 to integra 80.3

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    Hey fellow shacksters I need to piggy back on this post. I currently have a Onkyo 3008 and an Emotiva XPA-3. I am running 7.2 with GoldenEar speakers. The XPA-3 is running my LRC and the receiver is doing the 4 in-celling speakers. I was at my AV shop where I brought my speakers from and I...
  2. Onkyo 3008 firmware update 28Mar2012

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    A couple times recently I have noticed loud noise on all channels after changing sources, noise when loading BD, or no audio after changing source. Turning the receiver on/off has always made the symptoms disappear, for a while at least. So I checked for a firmware update and found a release...
  3. Onkyo 3008 only outputting in Pure or Direct

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    Last night I watched a movie, and everything sounded great. Switched to music, and had no audio output. Tried CD in 2 source components, and tried iPod. Found that only Pure and Direct were operational, every other mode was silent. Searched every setting I thought possible, found nothing wrong...
  4. ONKYO TX-NR 3008 or ONKYO TX-NR 709

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    Hi, I am a bit confused to chose in between 3008 and 709. I only know 709 can upsclae upto 4K and 3008 is only upto 1080p. And 3008 is 9.2 and 709 is 7.2... I tried to find a website comparing them but I even could not find a page to compare 3008 and 3009 :) I don't have a room for 9.2 but...
  5. Emotiva UMC-1 vs Onkyo 3008

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    I just gave a friend a demo of my system, and he asked me to put together some recommendations for his basement. I haven't seen his area yet so I don't have a lot of the specifics, I'm just looking for a general feel for things yet. I'm wondering about a UMC-1 paired with a XPA-5. I have read...
  6. NewEgg Open Box Onkyo 3008

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    Hi, I just noticed an open box Onkyo 3008 receiver on sale on NewEgg.com for $799. I've read positive reviews about refurbs from accessories4less, but noticed NewEgg's return policy on open box items was pretty limited. It even stated that not all the necessary parts would necessarily be...
  7. any idea onkyo 3008 #of eq bands

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    My denon 2808 has a 9 band eq with xt. One of my buddies has a Integra and that has a 15 band eq. So what is the 3008?? I was thinking of upgrading for the xt32. thanks rich