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  1. DIY Speakers
    im lookinn to build a powerful 3 way crossover for a floorstanding speaker 7 driver design able to drive 300watts to a pair of 2in tweeters an 3 8in midrange woofers an 2 8in lowfreq woofer my planed design inclueds these parts 4- Jantzen Audio 8.2uF 400V Z-Standard Capacitor 2 left an 2...
  2. REW Forum
    Is it possible to use measure with REW, in order to find what the crossover frequencies of a Passive 3-Way speaker are? Thanks
  3. DIY Speakers
    Hi, I’m planning to build an active 3-way speaker system and would be grateful for your views on choices of a good midrange speaker unit. I know there are really good units by Seas, Scanspeak and of course the famous ATC SM75-150, etc. However, I’ve come across a fairly new midrange unit from...
  4. DIY Speakers
    After a previous build based on vertically stacked planar magnetic speakers, I decided to make a more or less conventional three-way loudspeaker system, keeping the dipole radiation for the highs only. If you're interested, please follow this link: JdM12 Audio Project
  5. Mobile Audio
    HU - 80PRS CDT 6.5s and 1" silk tweets Alpine 8" Type R sub running active with a modest 5ch amp L & R curves shown in first graph & second graph has a curve for the whole the system. Curious how this looks to those with some experience.
  6. Home Audio Speakers
    I am a HUGE Creative Sound Solutions (CSS) fan and when Bob at CSS put their demo line arrays up for sale last fall, I could not resist. I rented a Yukon XL and road tripped to the Canadian border with my wife to pick them up. I've been in love ever since! We picked up the matching rear...
  7. DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Ok first off hi everyone I am new to the forums. Been a av nut for forever thou ha. So anyway I have older pioneer cs- g303 cabinets and currently have them hooked up to a 300watt amp externally and the mids and tweeters disconnected it sounds pretty decent for my small apartment but I want...
  8. DIY Speakers
    Alright so, experience on the table first, I don't have too much cabinet building experience at all, I once designed and built a sub enclosure for 2 12's in a car, turned out incredible and sounded so much better than expected and well, now i'm tired of my 2way Cerwin Vegas in my room, time to...
  9. DIY Speakers
    I'm looking into my first real DIY speaker project. These will be speakers that get used but also are practice for future projects which will be more complicated. So I don't want to go too simple or with a kit. My dad is handy with woodworking tools and I have some experience with electronics...
  10. DIY Speakers
    I have in my living room Neumann KH 120A studio monitors but i also want more detail and fidellity. That's why I am about to start a 3-way speaker project with the HiVi RT2C-A ribbon tweeter (my X-Over Point would be 1.7-1.8 kHz) and have a question on the midrange. My choice is fallen in to a...
  11. DIY Speakers
    Hello. I'm working on a 3-way MTMWW build and have a crossover that looks good to me, but wanna make sure I'm not overlooking anything or not considering/understanding something important. My primary concerns are: 1.) Is this impedance graph accurate? If I adjust things differently I get...
  12. Creative Sound Solutions
    YUP.. Had to know if my hands were in the design process a 3 way would come out as well. Motus woofer CSS VWR mid CSS LDX25 tweeter Mid in its own sealed volume with the Motus in the single fold T line. more to come:eek:
  13. DIY Speakers
    Can anyone recommend to me a tower style 3-way speaker kit that has all of the components required for the build, including the cabinets with driver holes already cut? I'd like to keep a the pair under $1000.
  14. DIY Speakers
    Hi, I'm going to build a 3-way active speakers, but i don't know witch bass driver to use. :help: I liked a couple of bass drivers, but I don't know who I choose and which will be best. Eton 12-680 - 12" seas W26FX001 - 10" seas W26FX002 - 10" SB Acoustics SB42FHC75 15" The other...
  15. DIY Speakers
    I'm thinking about building a 3-Way system in a sealed setup. I am planning on using drivers that I had in stock: RS225, RS150 and Vifa PL tweeter. Does anyone have a better/different choice of drivers that work well in a sealed setup?
  16. DIY Speakers
    I recently decided to dive into home audio. I have had a box set 5.1 system for some time. However- it's nothing worth writting home about. Technics receiver, Bose (aka Blose) rear satalites, as well as RCA bookshelf and center channel for the front stage. The substage is a Sony SA-WM40. I...
1-16 of 17 Results