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  1. Factory Seconds: LD22C tweeters $40 a pair

    Creative Sound Solutions
    They are exactly the same as the units selling for $70 a pair except for the following! They have a slight crease in the flange which is not photograph able, nor measurable with a micrometer and can only be seen if you look carefully and try to get the light in a certain direction. We believe...
  2. $40 Starter

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    With marriage, moving, and life in general, I'd say it's tough to sometimes justify purchasing things we find pleasing. For me, I always wanted another motorcycle (sold my GSX-R 750 for tuition monies before getting married). My wife says, get this job you're interviewing for, and you can get a...
  3. FS: 1 New Seas 27TBFC/G (H1212) tweeter - $40 shipped

    Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    This is brand new and unused. $40 shipped to US.
  4. WalMart Home Theater system for $40

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    You know you really have to be impressed with WalMart sometimes. I was in the store tonight and saw this system with 5.1 speakers, AM/FM tuner and a DVD player. If you think about that they have to make the system, package it, ship it from China, transport it to the store, pay some kid to put...
  5. PE RS28AS for $40 this weekend.

    DIY Speakers
    Parts Express has the RS28AS for $40 with a limit of 4 this weekend. (Deal of the Day) I just picked up 4 and thought others might be in the market too.