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  1. X-Rite's i1Diagnostics 4.1 Released

    Video Calibration
    i1Diagnostics allows you to test your X-Rite measurement instrument functionality and update licenses on your device. Use of this application by end users is recommended when problems are experienced with the measurement instrument. i1Diagnostics creates a report which can be sent to X-Rite...
  2. Panorambiophonics (PanAmbio) 4.1 measurement - Help Needed!

    REW Forum
    Help Needed! Please see next post.
  3. A 4.1 (would like digital out) receiver

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I have an Onkyo Ht-RC260 and love it. Issue is I need a 4.1 . My money can be better spent since I just use it for music that is connected to my PC and NEVER HT use. I can build a kit (would love to do this) or I can buy one. Budget is under 500. Thanks!
  4. 4.1 question - is there loss?

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    So a friend and I were talking about his 4.1 setup and it caused me to do a quick google to find out any drawbacks to using a 4.1 setup versus 5.1. I had always been under the impression that no data was lost only "anchoring" was lost which was fine in this case. Surprisingly there is A)...