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  1. Toshiba
    I recently came across this dandy widescreen from a couple of relatives that were tired of having problems with it and looking to get rid of it. I gladly took it off their hands and begun the troubleshooting process... General Issues: -they stated TV problem started when a Wii was hooked up to...
  2. Toshiba
    hi everyone i purchased a used toshiba set i plugged it in and turned on the power red light comes on but, thats all when i opened it up it looks to have had water damage on the pd0639 board it is the board adjacent to the power board most chips and components have a white haze on the leads. Is...
  3. Toshiba
    Recently the convergence went out on my Toshiba 42H82. Upon opening the set up one of the fusible resistors was cracked and open circuit. Time for another STK replacement. I have 2 of these sets in my house and have already went through this process on the other same model set. FYI I...
1-3 of 3 Results