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  1. Denon 4308 Line Out

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    I just added a media server PC to my home theater. All devices are connected to my 4308. I NEED HELP. I want to record turntable output (from records) to a computer file on the media server. Normally, I would just connect to the PC 'Line In' connector on the mobo. I cant figure out what...
  2. Denon AVR 4308 to good to pass up.

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Hi guys. I'm currently piecing together bits and pieces for my home theatre room and happened along this little gem of a deal. As pricing is just so different between the US and Australia I'll keep it in perspective by using the % factor. My local Audiophile outlet was having a run out sale...
  3. Had Bose, Hosed Bose, Now 4308 & Looking

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, I have enjoyed reading some of the info here. 52 yrs old male living in Iowa and am retired USCG. I had used a Bose Lifestyle 12 for years. Wasn't so unhappy with the music as I was with the home theater use. I have some minor hearing loss and really have trouble picking out a lot of...
  4. Multiple surrounds with Denon 4308?

    Home Audio Speakers
    Pics included see below: I am building my HT and need to know if the Denon 4308 outputs the same signal to the "Surround A" channel as the "Surround B" channel? I have 2 rows of seating and columns that will not allow me to place a single set of surrounds in the "best" position for both rows of...
  5. Denon 4308: can't decide if it plays Dolby Digital or Pro Logic II

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    Sorry if this has been brought up already... I seem to recall seeing it somewhere, but now can't find the thread... This new Denon 4308 of mine: I'm feeding it an optical input from the PS3, and a coaxial input from the Denon DVD-5000. Both are set to "digital" input and the "PCM" light is...