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  1. No picture after convergence repair on Hitatchi 43fdx01b

    I successfully repaired the convergence problem on my set. After repair I aligned the convergence and the picture was good. While going thru the cable menu I noticed that the left side of the tv, the lettering on the menu was misaligned. I went back in the convergence mode to try and repair...
  2. 43fdx01b - no picure unless I am using component video connections

    Hey there. My mother is having an issue with her 43fdx01b TV that just started today. When using the antenna inputs or using a composite input, there is no picture (on any of the ant or video inputs). However, we can see the picture when we connect a DVD player to the component inputs on...
  3. Hitachi 43fdx01b

    Hitachi 43fdx01b Hello all first post for help and troubleshooting here hopefully. I just recently acquired this tv for free and I am hoping to fix it. Here is the story of the tv history that may help in trouble shooting. The woman who originally had the tv noticed a slight...
  4. Hitachi 43fdx01b dim picture

    I recently received a Hitachi 43fdx01b which works fairly well but has a dim picture. I have attempted to adjust the settings to brighten it, but it still does not seen right. I can probably take it to a repair shop, but as I try to do some things myself thought I would start here. I...
  5. Hitachi 43fdx01b no picture after convergence repair

    Hi, I could use some help if you will. I'm very frustrated at the cost of new tv's so I thought I would repair the convergence by purchasing the kit. The vertical blue was bowed to the right and unadjustable. I ordered the repair from Vance Baldwin, replaced the parts last night and now the...