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  1. best 4-5 way power amplifier

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    hi i have decided to go with denon 720w reciever 6 dayton audio br-1 $210 a pair from philarmonic audio 2 jbl studio 550p subs 4 monoprice caliber in ceiling speakers 8 in way pioneer mtm c22 centre speaker my question is i want a very good need a four - five way power amplifier to...
  2. Tower speakers DB717TL 4.5 ohm

    DIY Speakers
    Hey bros I just picked up a pair of transmission line Dave Brown design 717. Which are two tower speakers vented in the back up top with 2 mid woofers Dayton rs180-8 8 ohms that are ran in series with a 4 ohm dome Dayton tweeter . The speakers come in at 4.5 ohms when I checked them . My...
  3. Calibration issues with calMAN v.4 (lengthy)

    Video Calibration
    Hey all, I'm trying to get a calibration going with calMAN v.4. that a friend let me borrow, I guess its the professional version. He said its an easy walkthrough and I'd be done in less than an hour. Five and a half hrs later, I'm stumped. My tv is a sony bravia KDL-46v5100 and a eye one...
  4. SVS PC Ultra 13 (european version) stops working after 45 minutes

    Hi, I've posted about the following issue on AVS forum and I've already contacted LSound about it, but since there seem to be a lot of fellow SVS users here I thought I'd post this message here as well, to see if anyone has experienced something similar. Since last friday I own a PC Ultra 13...