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  1. My Room is Eating Low End - From 45hz -150hz - Any ideas to help???

    REW Forum
    Hi, I have another post where I went into much more detail. I have deconstructed my room somewhat; taken down some bass traps, but my problem doesn't go away unless I point the measurement mic to the ports of my JBL 4410As; then the response is fairly even from 45hz to 10khz. However, as it...
  2. Drywall construction for 45Hz?

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hi, im planing my new home theather. Initial measurments shows that I have a Room mode of 45 Hz caused by the lengt of my room. Using the standard formula for panel absorbers and the weight of the plasterboards I am going to use gives me Deept of wall: 20 cm Mass/m2: 9KG/m2 This gives me a...
  3. 1st Time Grapher 45Hz boost, how's the rest

    REW Forum
    After moving my subwoofer around a little bit and finally settling on my listening position for my primary spot this is the graph I have just made w/o any EQ using a ML Abyss Subwoofer through a Denon 3311. I have yet to check out integrating my mains as that shouldn't be a problem. However this...