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  1. Philips / Magnavox
    First of all, thank you so much for this site. My husband and I picked up a couple of RP tv's that had convergence issues, to replace our smaller tv's. Since we live in the Orlando area, we went to Acme and the guy there, laughed at us, as we asked for some advice. He said that switching to...
  2. Philips / Magnavox
    I was given a Philips 46pp930217 for free. The tv had bad coolant and a convergence problem. The tv is only 5 yrs old so I decided to put the work and parts in. I did the all the repairs, including soldering all the pins in the stk IC. Problem is now no letting will show up on the screen. I...
  3. Philips / Magnavox
    My philips will run fine then you shut it off and when you turn it on it waits approx 20 sec. than no sound no picture and the on off button blinks 9 times. I have unplugged the console as well as all of the inputs for at over 4 hours and it will run again for an undetermined amount of time then...
1-3 of 3 Results