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  1. Toshiba 50H82 convergence - need confirmation!

    DIY Repair and Maintenance
    Hi all, In reading the DIY thread, I believe I have a good idea of what needs to be done to correct convergence issues on my 10-year-old prized Toshiba 50H82. Heeding the advice of the article, though, I'd like to confirm that what I am experiencing can be traced to the convergence ICs. After...
  2. Toshiba 50h82

    Hi everyone, I have a RP Toshiba that worked when i got it but it had convergence issues so i replaced the ic chips (Sanyo stk392-110.) So we put everything back together and tried turning it on and the red light would come on and stay on but no picture or sound. we took the boards...
  3. Toshiba 50h82 No sound or Video

    My brother and i both went and picked up two RP tvs, a Mitsubishi and a Toshiba. They both had a 3D look to them so after reading forums we found that it was a problem with the ic chips. So we ordered two new chips for each. We got the new chips in the Mitsubishi and its working like a dream. We...
  4. 50H82 sound mushy

    I finally repaired my hyper-board on my 50h82 using advice from these forums and the picture is great, now i have another problem with the set. The onboard sound is unable to generate much volume, and seems mushy. I am reminded of car speakers which have been "rock and rolled" to death. this...
  5. 50H82 problems...help

    50h82 that worked perfect up untill about 6 months ago, then it started to need, to warm up like a car. run for 5 minutes and come in perfect. Slowly got worse over the past 6 months. now it rarely works clear however the POP works perfect. Quoted $100 to replace all resistors on hyper-board...
  6. Toshiba 50H82 Hyper Module

    Since the convergence repair on my 42H81 went so well I guess i now must try to fix the 50H82. It has a horizontal stutter from any external inputs, yet the menu appears stationary so from other posts I think that the problem is in the hyper module. I have removed it and opened the cover...
  7. 50H82 picture issue

    When I try to watch my television using the direct cable input(input 1), Wii input (input 2) or the input from my dvd player(input 5) the picture is very wavy (see attachment). After the television warms up the picture will get usable. When I watch using the HDTV input(4) the picture is good...
  8. calibrating a toshiba 50h82 television

    i have a toshiba 50h82 telvevision that needs calibrating can anyone help me or point me in the right direction on how to do it myself.
  9. Problems with 50h82

    My screen is constantly flickering and has white line going down the right side.:huh:
  10. Toshiba 50H82 Convergance Chip Order

    Hi i got my convergence chips today for my Toshiba 50H82, im wondering what the order for the chips is on the bored. The number on the old chips are the same just wondering if there was a specific order. The old number on the top of the chip is D2H12 the new ones are D7G22 And D7G23. thanks
  11. Toshiba 50H82 Convergence

    Okay, Thank you for all the info on this site. It has been very informative and I beleive I can pull off the repair myself. I have soldering experience with small LCD information displays for computers, wired to the parallel port. (I did all the wiring from a schematic drawing from scratch and...