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  1. 53uwx10ba main lamps flashing off and on

    I have a Hitachi 53UWX10BA which I got used. The previous owner said "when we turn it on, sometimes there is no picture but other times there is a picture. When it comes on, it looks great." I took it home and see two problems. 1. The convergence needs to be adjusted. I assume it could be out...
  2. 53uwx10ba convergence?

    I just bought cheap, this tv. when turned on, it is fine for just a minute or so, then the left side suddenly portrays what look like a convergence issue, with the colors ofset. A tech the other people had come check on it said it was one side loosing convergence and would cost 30 something...
  3. Hitachi 53UWX10BA convergence

    Hi everybody, I'm new to all of this so be patient. I just did the repair of changing the IC's and resistors on the board and when I turned the TV on, I have all three colors pincushioned. I tried using the Magic Focus button to resolve the issue, but it didn't seem to do anything. Do I have to...
  4. 53UWX10BA blue line in center of screen

    After installing a repair kit onto the convergence board and replacing the DCU, I was able to get everything back into working order except now the is a blue line with static spikes (almost looks like small "x"'s on the line) centered horizontally on the screen. :gah: I can get rid of it...