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  1. Toshiba
    I am again having problems with the power supply on my set. It has been working well for some time after I resoldered every connection on the power board bu removing the old solder and going back with lead-free solder. This is the old thread. Now I am getting a jittery screen accompanied by...
  2. Toshiba
    Since repairing the power supply and resolving the jittery image problem I have calibrated my set in service mode for both standard and hi-def mode. The picture looks great. I have noticed however that the calibration tends to drift a bit on the outer edges after week or so. What would cause...
  3. Toshiba
    I would like some guidance in an initial diagnosis on a problem that has just started on my Toshiba 55H70 set. After the set has been on for a few hours, the image begins to shrink and expand in a jerky fashion. It appears to be more in the horizontal direction, but I can detect some vertical...
1-3 of 3 Results