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    So I was able to upgrade my living room to the onkyo 3010 and was wondering what would be a good choice for my bedroom? It's a 7.1 setup and is connected to a benq 1070 projector.. mostly watch sports from directv and movies streamed from a Sony blu ray player.. which one would you want?
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    I've been doing some research and trying to decide on an AVR. This will be my first AVR, stepping up from an LG HTiB that I've had for a few years now. Based on research I had decided to look for an Onkyo 609 as it has a lot of desirable features without breaking my bank (which is pretty...
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    Looking at all 3 which would be the best quality.. I've seen both 609 and 1912 on accessories4less for about 300 I'm on a pretty limited budget so would like to stay around that Hooking up to it Optoma hd20 Xbox360 and LG bd610
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    Here's a silly question. I have an Onkyo 609 and some inexpensive Yamaha HTIB surround sound speakers. I have to turn up the volume control to 30 before you can hear these speakers. Is this normal? any feedback would be appreciated.
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    I am looking for a true 2-zone receiver. The 609 would meet all of my needs. However, I just read the following review: Only complaint is that I use the zone 2 feature for outdoor speakers but this unit only outputs analog signals to zone 2. This is limiting and inconvenient and doubles the...
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    Hi, I just purchased the onkyo, and being the n00b i am to home theater (this is my first one) I assumed that this receiver had a TV tuner built in. Right now, i get TV channels via coax cable directly to my LG LED TV, but obviously the sound only goes through the TV built in speakers, is...
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    Does anyone know the major or minor differences between these two? Would it be the video processor, pre outs, amp and power supply, etc?
1-7 of 7 Results