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  1. Looking at the Panasonic TC 60VT60 assistance

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    Hi everyone, So I'm delving into the plasma world (excited) and also to the large screen format (upgrading from a wee 32" Bravia) and I wanted to hear some expert feedback from those with experience on if the 60VT model is worth the upwards of 3 grand in the next two weeks when panny has...
  2. Panasonic 60VT60 With Burn In / Image Retention --Not Happy

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    Hello everyone, I have owned my VT60 for about 2 months. I owned a Hitachi 43" plasma for many years prior to purchasing the VT60. I never had any issues with my old plasma, it was just time for an upgrade. After many reviews and research, I decided on purchasing the Panasonic VT60. I was...