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  1. Hitachi
    I am working a convergence issue with my Hitachi. I have noticed a green wire on the bottom-side of the convergence board. I have a photo that I will try and upload to this post. I am curious about this wire. I am used to green wires being used on rework workarounds on these types of...
  2. Hitachi
    Hi, I have a Hitachi 61swx10b tv with a bad convergence board. I got a kit from Vance Electronics but it had the wrong resitors values with the 150 ics. Does anyone know what the correct resistor values are for the convergence board with the 150 ics? THANKS!:jiggy::jiggy::jiggy:
  3. Hitachi
    I have an Hitachi 61SWX10B and the TV seems to be having some issues with the colors. I've read a post about convergence issues and initially I thought this may be what it was and it still may be, in other words, I'm just not sure exactly what the issue is. I read that when they did the magic...
  4. Hitachi
    I have a Hitachi 61SWX10B that has wigged out, the bulbs are all off from each other. The green picture kind of swoops down in the upper left corner, and the red and blue are off from each other in almost the whole image. When I try to get into the manual convergence menu it gives me a big...
  5. Hitachi
    I have no sound/audio from the TV - tried all different sources and inputs but no go. :gah: After the TV has been on for a little bit of time I start to get static on the TV speakers that I can do nothing about (Vol control does not work). So question is has anyone else faced the same problem...
  6. Hitachi
    First of all – my complements on this forum - it is very detailed and informative :hail:. There are some wonderful write-ups that I have been catching up on. Based on the advise to start a new thread for a new issue here we go - I have a Hitachi 61SWX10B and recently started having convergence...
1-6 of 6 Results