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  1. Toshiba 65H82 RPTV - Main and Sub are red

    DIY Repair and Maintenance
    I have a Toshiba 65H82 which started getting wavy when cold. This progressed until the image was not viewable. There was an image, just too distorted to watch. BACKGROUND With some searching, I found the Hyper Board was a likely source of the problem. I removed the board and sent to an eBay...
  2. toshiba 65h82 color variations

    hello, i have a toshiba 65h82 that has perfect convergence but on the two sides of the screen their is about a 5 inch horizontal line on each side that is also colored but its a bit lighter than the rest of the screen and the middle (not the lines) has a slight greenish lin going down from the...
  3. 65H82 No picture, sound works

    A couple days ago we bought a 65H82 second hand. The next morning I hooked up the cable to input 1 and plugged the TV into the power outlet on the back of my cable box. All was working fine. She decided to hit the "all" power button to turn off the TV, the next day I hooked up all my...
  4. 65H82 powers on but the screen remains black.

    Hey lcaillo, I picked up this TV from a fundraiser yard sale about 20 miles from my house. Needless to say it was a very nerve racking drive home on the highway. The set powers on and from inside the set I can see that the tubes are on, but there is no picture. When I press the TV/Video button...