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  1. Marantz 7002 Vs Emotiva UMC-200 ?

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    Hi - i am currently unable to decide if i want to uprade my setup - i been trying to get info. on the Emotiva UMC 200 - asking on the Emo forum but for some reason - either i am not doing it right when i posted - but i got no answers - at the moment - i have the marantz 7002 - with klipsch...
  2. Yamaha 1900 versus Marantz 7002

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    My old Sony avr died on me recently so I have somewhat narrowed my replacement choices down to 2 similarly priced (on amazon) receivers, Yamaha 1900 and Marantz 7002. But is a little overwhelmed with the current features available. I currently do not need 3D and only need one HDMI for my oppo...
  3. Marantz 7002 and 8002

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    It's upgrade time to the HDMI 1.3 world and I’ve narrowed my choices to the Marantz 7002 or 8002. Competitors in this category were eliminated : I don’t trust the Onkyo offering’s (SR-875)heat issues, Denon in this category is doing Wi-Fi and I just don’t trust it from a musical device. I can...