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  1. r13 vs oven corning 703

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I am trying to decide to use R13 or oc 703 for corner floor to ceiling bass traps. I may have limitation of triangular for 17x17x24 or at most 24x24x34. I may prefer the first one. I read recently that GFR (How easy sound enters) is good for pink(R13) with 5000 vs oc 703 with 17000. I also...
  2. RHT 40 vs OC 703

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I'm having a head time sourcing OC 703 locally, however I can get the roxul rht 40. I thought I had read that they are pretty much interchangeable. Any comments or concerns with that thinking? I'm looking to make panels 2" think for first reflections, and some 3" thick for front and back bass...
  3. OC 703

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I just picked up my order of 26 pieces. It was different than I expected. It is brown and does not feel as dense. I asked and was told it’s the same that’s just how they are making it now. On the receipt it is described as “ 3.0 PCF 2 X 24 X 48 KN PLAIN “ I think it’s a generic product or they...
  4. first attempts with OC 703

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Finally got around to installing some acoustic treatments and all I can say is what took me so long? Maybe it was the anticipated reaction from SWMBO that was holding me back, certainly not my being lazy or anything like that.:D I started in the corners with 17x17x24 OC703 floor to ceiling...
  5. The Integra DTR 70.3 wins!!

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Just ordered the Integra. From what I've read I think it's the right choice for me. It came down to the Pioneer Elite SC55 and the Integra DTR70.3. What made me pull the trigger on the Integra was the bridging capability. Which doubles the 145w to the fronts for 2 channel listening. Can't wait...
  6. Are 2 x 4 x 4 flat 703 work

    Home Audio Acoustics
    If I build some flat 2 foot wide 4 foot tall 4inch thick work good if I place them in my conners one side touching each wall my walks are 5ft tall and then slope up and then go flat its a upstair s room.I have seen some people cut them into triangles a go all the way up.this is a 12x18 room so...
  7. OC 703 Panel Specs

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I have several OC 703 panels: 2' x 4' x 4" thickness which are spaced about 9" from the wall. What is the lowest freq. they can absorb? Thanks.
  8. 703 vs cheap mattress foam

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I'm redoing my room treatments with 703 type panels (called Supertel in Oz) for first reflection points. I have an OB setup with live wall behind the speakers and what I want to be a dead wall behind my head. At the moment I have a king size cheapo foam mattress 5' behind my head. Now I'm...
  9. Where to get OC 703

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Just wondering where one would find 700 series product? Home Depot - Lowes? Or do I need to find a supply house?
  10. Building super-chunk trap, is 703 good enough?

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hi, I just bought a few bundles of Roxul AFB 2.5 density fiberglass to build a super chunk trap in the 1' x 2' triangles. In order to put a finished, rigid front on it, I plan on putting a sheet on the 2' triangle face. So the ultimate layering would be a 1'x2' triangle, a layer of polybat...
  11. Cutting 703

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I'm getting ready to cut some 703 and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or ideas about good ways to do it (if there really is a good way) :scratchhead:. I was especially wondering as to whether is was better to cut it with a power saw or some type of knife. I think this is going to be...
  12. Source for Owens Corning 703 for DIY??

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Can anyone suggest a source that will sell direct to consumer in the CT area? Oh, I should add OC705 as well. You can't find this stuff at the hardware stores?:crying: : TIA