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  1. Audio Processing
    I was wondering if this new atmos is actualy better or a copycat technology. 7ch heights already do helipcopter sounds very good!:T I have a onkyo 818 and was wondering if atmos is an upgrade or downgrade in the next 5 yrs,. I dont feel like upgrading receivers prob for 2+ yrs though this thing...
  2. Audio Processing
    Currently I am running a THX cinema set up.http://www.thx.com/consumer/thx-technology/thx-surround-sound-modes/this EXact set up. Does 7ch DSX have any improvement vs THX 7ch? Any thoughts ??Ideas?? Onkyo 818 says it does Audyssey DSX but I cannot figure out how to use it. I might just stick...
1-2 of 2 Results