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  1. Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    How do I change the audio setup on my Integra DHC 80.2 so when feeding it the audio of a 5.1 DVD I hear just Stereo, I no longer have surround ? The UGI is set now to CLB/SAT Stereo. Or does my Oppo 103 need its output changed ? Thanks, Roger
  2. Home Audio Speakers
    I went to my local Hi-Fi shop yesterday for speaker wire and cables. They had a pair of 802 Diamonds on display in a 2 channel setup and they were beautiful! Some of the smoothest vocals I've ever heard come out of speakers and very impressive bass also. It was a treated room and some very high...
  3. System Setup and Connection
    So today I hooked up four Polk Audio RC85i in-wall speakers to a QCS GX3 amp and a Xenyx 802 mixer. I'm running my dvd audio to the mixer via rca to 1/4 plugs. And the mixer is running 1/4 to rca cable to the amp I think I have everything hooked up correctly, but I can't get any sound from my...
1-3 of 3 Results