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  1. Onyko 818 help

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    Using Sony 4K non hdr tv . Using it with new devices like Roku 4K but running roku in 1080p through receiver what setting should I set my only to 4K upconvert? 1080/24p or 1080p I know it’s obselete but must be ways of using it with newer stuff. My 4K Blu-ray is only hooked to tv. It’s...
  2. Onkyo 818 error?

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    My front high speaker keeps getting error not connected during audyssee xt32 yet it is connected and has sound ... due to a previous set up that worked? why is the speaker not registering? it is connected yet xt32 says error for front height. I even get sound from it!!when watching movies /...
  3. Onkyo 818?? How to run 11ch

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    Do you need a 4 or , 2 ch power amp to run 11ch? I tried running 9ch without power amp and it takes a lot more power to run then 7, Still this amp has enough power for *9ch. Or should I get better speakers and go back to 7ch?
  4. Updating 818??

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    I was having trouble updating this onkyo I tried a USB so far no luck. Any help??
  5. Onkyo 818 + power amp?

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    I was looking for a cheap way to run 9ch. Whats better a dedicated power amp? Or a old 2ch stereo amp might work if it has a lot of power. Any suggestions? And is 9ch a lot better Also while running 7ch*(currently) are wides better than 4 surrounds? if I have 4 floor-standers.
  6. remote for onkyo 818

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    is there any other onkyo avr's that has a back lit remote that I can buy, and use on my 818, like from a higher model or something......or something better than the original one
  7. Onkyo 818 and 12V trigger and audyssey

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    I use the 12 volt trigger to turn on and off all my amps...but when I try and run the audyssey it shuts off the 12v trigger and ( amps are not on) so no sound....has any one found a way around this trigger issue
  8. Onkyo 818 wiring for sub

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    Just received the 818 and the Klipsch sub that I have is not equipped for RCA-wired connection. Any idea on how to connect this sub to the 818 or am I just out of luck? Thanks in advance. :huh:
  9. Need some help: Jriver > Onkyo 818 > LED > remote

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    I'm so new to setting this HTPC up, I'm not sure what even to ask, so here's what I have and what I want to do. I want to: -use J river to organize my music and movies from my couch upstairs -use my existing PC (win 7) and 2 TB HD that is downstairs -use my Onkyo 818 as the AVR upstairs -use...
  10. Klipsch Ref & Onkyo 818, which speakers...?

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hello all. I have some set-up options and was wondering what the best idea would be from someone with more experience. My set up is currently a 100" screen (about 12' from sitting area). Current audio set up is Onkyo TXNR818, Klipsch RF-63 fronts, RC-64 Center, and F-20s as surrounds and Epik...
  11. Onkyo 818 w/XT32 subs never sound right!?!?

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    I have been struggling trying to get what I feel is the proper sound from my equipment. I'm definitely a bass head so to speak, but I always have been in search of clean and clear powerful sound. The Onkyo txnr 818 uses xt32 which is supposed to be all that and then some. For me, it's been a...
  12. Denon 3313 vs Onkyo 818

    I am undecided whether to purchase the 818 w/135 watts or the 3313 w/125watts. Will be powering 2 RTI A9's and CSIA4 center w/sw112 sub. Tv is 55" 240 hz 3D Samsung. Goals quality sound and video for movies and music. I would like to keep the avr cost around $1000.00. I appreciate you input.
  13. B&W 685 bi-amp with Onkyo 818

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    I have an Onkyo 818 running 5.1 with two unused channels. Do you think it's worth bi amping my 685 speakers (mains) or keep it set up just running it normally? Sent from my iPhone using HTShack
  14. Onkyo 818, Anthem MRX500, Pioneer SC57, Denon4311 ??

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    Need new AV Reciever to replace a 7 yr old Yam (657) for a 5.1 setup Would like to get some opinions on some of these choices ? 1st - I want SQ 2nd -I want Reliability Onkyo 818 Anthem 500 Pioneer SC 57 Denon 4311
  15. Onkyo 818 versus onkyo pre pro

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    Is the audio processing of the 818 superior to the 885. I have a good amp so the only difference will be pre part of the 818. Thanks Joel
  16. Denon 4311 or Onkyo tx nr 818

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    I currently own a two year old Denon it's a 7.1 receiver but because of space I can only do 5.1 and am using the second zone for patio music. Anyways I want to upgrade to the xt32 version of Audyssey and both the 4311 and 818 have it on board but I can't decide which receiver would be better of...
  17. IB 8.18

    IB - Infinite Baffle Subwoofer Build Projects
    So I finally got around to building and installing my IB manifolds. I got the idea back when the IXL drivers first came out, and I got in on the original introductory group buy :olddude:. Well since then I've been playing around with four of them in LLT's in various configurations, and am...
  18. Is Onkyo 818 worth $100 more then the 809?

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I'm looking at A4L to by a new Onkyo Receiver, I've had my I on an 809 for a while but now notice that they have the 818 now for just a $100 bucks more. The only difference I see it the Audyssey XT32 in the 818 over the XT in the 809. Are there other differences that I am missing and is the XT32...
  19. onkyo 809 or onkyo 818

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    i have a new onkyo 809 coming in tomorrow,but i really wanted the new onkyo 818 i have 5.1 HT but planning on going 7.2 someday. is it worth returning the onkyo 809 for the 818?its a $400 diference thanks:scratch: