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  1. Onkyo
    I have owned an Onkyo 876 for years and have always had an issue with component not working properly when output through HDMI. It has only become a practical issue lately because several devices I have recently have started using has that as the highest Video output available. The wii is mew to...
  2. System Setup and Connection
    Hi, I am wondering If im doing anything wrong. I have had issues using my 876 with Component In with an HDMI out. I have the source selected, Component In set to that source, and I get picture. However it is messed up. I get digitization, Horizontal Tearing, Warbling, SNOW, all sorts of...
  3. Audio Processing
    Hello, just joined today, so hello everyone! I'm in need of help with my system and find i get puzzling results from Audessy Multieq XT on my Onkyo 876 and Quad L-ites 5.1 speaker package. Specs for the speakers are... Sat Speakers 30-120w 6 Ohm sens 86db freq response 70hz-24khz crossover...
1-3 of 3 Results