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  1. XTZ Sound
    Dear Fellow Forum Members, July 21, 2014 To offer HTS forum members a great opportunity to audition the horn loaded ribbon tweeters, XTZ Sound USA is very excited to announce that, for a limited time, we are offering Home Theater Shack forum members a 15% OFF* the amazing 95...
  2. Home Theater System Recommendations
    We just moved into a new house and there is a bonus room in the basement I'd like to turn into a home theater, but it is tiny, just 9.5' wide by 14' long. I want to set up a 5.1 system, with small speakers--something like the Energy Take 5 setup--but I'm unsure how to configure it. I would like...
  3. Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I have an idea if i use oppo 95 as a pre and look for power 5 ch, is that possible ?
  4. CD Players | Turntables
    Just a little confused as to how to the best way to connect my mac-mini to my Oppo BDP 95. I am currently running the mac-mini through USB to my receiver but have been told that the Oppo has a much better DAC built in. Was thinking of connecting it via the ethernet port on the Oppo and then...
  5. Blu-ray | DVD | Disc Media Players
    ***I made this exact Post in the 93 Thread, but figured many might miss it and as this is a popular Title and no doubt also affects the BDP-95, I thought I would also start a dedicated Thread. The BD was just Released yesterday 9/9/11 Hello, If anyone is having problems playing back X Men...
  6. General Service and Technical Information
    My system for Bluray playback for a couple of years now has consisted of a Rotel RSX-1550 5.1 AVR with a Sony PS3 game console. I was getting normal Bluray audio sound out of it on all six speakers, the fronts, center, surrounds, and subwoofer. When playing a Bluray disc, the Rotel would...
1-6 of 8 Results