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  1. Sa 950 speakers

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    Anyone know anything about System Audio (SA) 950 speakers? Heard its a European speaker out of Denmark. built with "Vifa" drivers.
  2. Owners of MK Sound 950 THX speaker system

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    Hello, any owners of the MK Sound 950 system in here? I would like to know how you set up your speaker system in your home theater setup to get the best sound. Especially those who set all frequency´s for speakers manually for every speaker. Do you set all on 80hz or do you set them higher or...
  3. Problem: Sony 65" 950 or Samsung 64F8500

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    I would love your knowledge. I am about ready to purchase a Samsung 64F8500 plasma from Robert. It will be my first plasma. Right now I own a Samsung 55B8000 and love the sharpness, almost 3D quality, of the set. I did not buy a Samsung 65ES8000 last year because of all the banding problems...
  4. Outlaw Audio 950 Pre-Pro xlnt! $350 or B/O

    Classifieds - Audio Equipment
    SOLD SOLD SOLD Outlaw Audio 950 Pre-Pro xlnt! $350 or B/O This pre-pro has worked flawlessly in the 5 years I’ve owned it. DTS-ES LFE fix was added by Outlaw in 2003.. The 950 was sent in (May ’08) for a very slight noise issue which I eventually traced to home wiring problem. It was checked...
  5. FS: Outlaw 950 Pre/Pro

    Classifieds - Audio Equipment
    The unit is in exellent condition (no scratches, blemishes, etc.). Comes with the manual, remote and accessories. I will ship in the original double box. Asking for $300 OBO + shipping. Thanks.