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  1. Audio Processing
    Last night I received three Ascend Sierra-1s (bought from the classifieds on HTS) and replaced my front three PSB T45/C40 speakers (5.1 system). I did not have the time to re-run Audessy on the Denon 988, yet the Sierra-1's sounded spectacular. 1) This made me wonder if Audessy is mainly...
  2. Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Netflix, probably currently the leading video-on-demand service amongst several competitors, even becoming more popular than HBO, is making a small change in its service plan. It didn't take long for people to figure out that they can add their Netflix credentials to multiple devices, even in...
  3. Home Theater System Recommendations
    OK, so the place where I bought a piece of gear has a credit coming to me! I have two options that I am weighing, but if it looks like I need to allocate the funds elsewhere, I am open to suggestions. I am thinking of either, Upgrading my receiver from the H/K AVR 154 5.1 to the H/K AVR 1600...
1-3 of 22 Results