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  1. 0.1dB Accuracy Needed for "Calibrating SPL Reading"?

    REW Forum
    Hi! Sophomore REW user here regarding "Calibrating the SPL Reading" section of REW Help. I came across a thread that made me a little nervous about entering a value accurate to one significant decimal place. So I have a couple of questions: How important is it to enter a precise value into...
  2. New - 2015 Affordable Accuracy Monitor2 review.

    Home Audio Speakers
    This is an evaluation of the New (2015) Affordable Accuracy Monitor2 Loudspeaker. One thing I have learned is that the human ear (mine, at least) is incredibly sensitive for relative (or comparative) measurement, but not so good at absolute measurement. Consequently, it made sense to find an...
  3. New - 2015 Affordable Accuracy Tower 2 review.

    Home Audio Speakers
    I wanted to evaluate the New (2015) Affordable Accuracy Tower2 Loudspeaker. One thing I have learned is that the human ear (mine, at least) is incredibly sensitive for relative (or comparative) measurement, but not so good at absolute measurement. Consequently, it made sense to find appropriate...
  4. RS SPL Meter Accuracy

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    The spec sheet for the meter shows +/-2dB accuracy. Is that correct? That doesn't seem great. I don't see a mention of a cal file or curve. Thanks.
  5. Affordable Accuracy Speakers

    Home Audio Speakers
    I'd really like to hear these. Seems Dennis Murphy has modified Andrew Jones' very well reviewed Pioneer SP-BS22-LR speakers with a Vifa tweeter and a new crossover. Affordable Accuracy Loudspeakers At $150 they are just begging to be evaluated against the originals...
  6. Formula with best mix of accuracy and gain

    DIY Screens
    I've got a JVC RS20 and I'm finding that I'd like a little more brightness. I only have 500 hours on the lamp, but it seems a bit dim. My screen is a Sintra 120" 2.35:1 screen, but unpainted. I'd like to paint it or do something to it to get more gain, but without sacrificing much color...
  7. Panasonic releases firemawre to fix color accuracy

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    I'm very happy to announce that Panasonic has released the firmware upgrade to fix the color accuracy on all GT30 and VT30 series Viera Connect TVs. Do not instal this firmware update if your VT30/GT30 was professionally calibrated as it will wipe out your calibration. I'm proud to say this...
  8. Wins ISD SPL accuracy

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hi guys, have any of you compared Winisd's computed SPL vs Real world measurement?

    REW Forum
    How accurate is the SPL Meter in REW, without the use of another SPL meter for reference. In other words when creating a sound , how close to the actual SPL would the (REW SPL) be ??
  10. Accuracy of Digital Radio Shack Meter compared to WM-61A + Audyssey mic

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    I posted this on the AVSforum as well. Posting here as well to see what others think or have measured. So I have 3 mics now. I ran some comparative tests with all three mics with REW to compare accuracy. It seems the low end of the Radio Shack meter is much more accurate than the calibration...
  11. Accuracy of REW 5 compared to REW 4

    REW Forum
    Now that I've got REW 5 working, I've been doing side by side comparisons between the two versions, and notice that the 1:1 octave smoothing displays look markedly different. Here is a trace from 10 Hz to 25,000 Hz using a 75 dB target with 1:1 octave smoothing Here is the same actual...
  12. CM-140 Accuracy and how to get it calibrated?

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    I have an Integra DHC 40.1 with MultEQ. After Audyssey calibration, the pre-amp test internal test tones are supposed to read 75dBC at listening position, but mine reads 70dB. With REW measurements, things look consistent. Is my CM-140 off by 5dBC? I am in Portland, OR. If it is off, is there a...
  13. Volume accuracy

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    What level of accuracy is required when tuning a ported cabinet? Or, asked another way, if my calculated volume is off by a few cubic inches, how much will that affect the tuning/sound of the sub cabinet?
  14. REW accuracy?

    REW Forum
    I've just discovered REW. Looks like a great program. Has anyone compared it's accuracy against other programs (such as ETF, RDplus, ARTA, Praxis etc) or indepently confirmed it's validity? I hope I'm not burned at the stake for asking such an impertinent question...but curiosity knows no...
  15. short sweeps vs long, accuracy of FR

    REW Forum
    I have been tinkering with REW again, and came across something a bit weird, I think. Looking at this graph: The green curve is a 1M sweep (4 sweeps) The purple curve is a 128k sweep. To my eyes the purple is more accurate, with deeper valleys. The green one SHOULD be more accurate, as...
  16. Measurement Accuracy?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hi all! I am thinking of revising my design to be a box type sub (difficulty locating sonotube and $$$), how accurate do I need to be with my measurements on the internal volume of my sub? I am going to use a SS RL-p18 D2 wired to 4 ohms, and an internal volume of 18 cubic ft with a single 8"...
  17. Calibrating for accuracy is underwhelming, am I missing something ?

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    Hi there, I have an SVS PB10 ISD. I have calibrated to 72 dB with my Radio Shack SPL meter and so far I must say that watching films at reference level is underwhelming. I must be missing something. I watched Pearl Harbour at reference level and the scene where the big ship explodes produces...
  18. BFD Accuracy

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Obviously the people here have a lot of experience and are very concerned with accuracy of equipment used. I would be interested in some comments about the accuracy of the BFD. I have read several posts where it is not recommended to use the BFD for full-range EQ because it introduces an...
  19. accuracy of REW for full range measurements?

    REW Forum
    hi everybody. After mucking about with REW with the DEQ 2496, I've moved on to play in the big league, the DEQX unit. However, I'm getting poor results when using REW for full range measurements, and I'm very sad about it...:sad: :sad: :sad: ( ha ha ) To refresh memorys and by way of fuller...
  20. Accuracy of measurements...

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    I own the newer RS analog SPL meter and am getting excellent measurements with my Sealed Avalanche 15 sub. I wonder if they're too good to be true? Im dying to get a calibrated mic asap though... Here are some measurements. Nearfield. Listening position What are some ways I can test for...