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  1. Acoustical Timing Reference reference

    REW Forum
    Hi I am new to this but I am keen to use. The setup I have is REW 5.19 beta running on Mac Sierra OSX. I have setup the soundcard to use the aggregate device on HDMI and the MIC is my UMIK-1. I was trying to setup a timing reference using acoustical but when I do the measurement there doesnt...
  2. GIK Acoustics DIY Acoustical Panel Build Thread

    Home Audio Acoustics
    DIY Panels from GIK A funny thing happened at RMAF. I was talking with Glenn and Shelly from GIK about their new DIY panel kits, and commented that they were exactly what I need to finish my front wall. Then Glenn offered to send me panels for the purpose if I would review them. Naturally I...
  3. Sound stage relo, acoustical thoughts please

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Originally to be located on the left wall and incurring reflection and placement issues, if it makes a big difference I can build a wall in the center facing the house front and drape covered window/walls. It would eliminate having to pull the towers 3-4’ out from the wall (as there would be...
  4. Relocation sound stage? Acoustical value? Thoughts please

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Originally on the left wall with sound and placement issues, if it makes a big difference I can build a wall in the center facing the house front and drape covered walls. It would eliminate having to pull the towers 3-4’ out from the wall (as there would be none), optimize surround locations...
  5. Acoustical Ceiling Tiles on Wall

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Would there be any issue with using acoustical ceiling tile on walls covered with GOM as opposed to using something like JM Linacoustic as a backer? I see they both have an NRC rating of 0.55. Armstrong has a specific tile for this purpose and is prefinished black.
  6. Considering building false wall for acoustical screen

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I am thinking about upgrading my existing home theatre & installing an acoustical screen & hide speakers behind false wall. I have looked at allot of online pics of false wall framing examples & curious about the framing around the screen itself. Is the screen to fit inside the framing or on...
  7. mounting acoustical panels to hollow core doors?

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Anyone have any advice for hanging DIY acoustical panels to hollow core doors? I have 5 doors in my dedicated home theater, with two of those doors being solid core doors that are sealed well because they lead to attic space but the other 3 are interior doors that are hollow. Two of those...
  8. DIY, Acoustical panels

    Home Audio Acoustics
    So I've been dong a lot of reading, research and looking at different styles of acoustical panels. Well I got tired of looking and reading so I decided to jump in and build something. I built a couple of panels that span the corners in the front of my room. And then I built some tri-corner...
  9. Room layout - acoustical assistance needed

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I have attached a drawing of my AV/Living Room, and I was wondering if anyone has some simple suggestions for making the acoustical characteristics any better. I suppose the only thing I have in my room that might adjust acoustics a bit would be the carpeting, furniture, and a heavy curtain in...
  10. RossoDiamante Theater Acoustical Adventure

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I've been working on a basement home theater for several months now and have gotten to the stage where it is time to hook stuff up, give it some electricity and see if it all works as planned! This is the fun part! This is what the basic space started from and is currently looking like. The...
  11. Subwoofer Crawl Test: What is the acoustical explanation?

    System Setup and Connection
    HOW does the subwoofer crawl test work, in physical and acoustical terms? I know how to go about it, placing the sub at the prime Listening Position (LP), right up on the couch or the Lazy Boy, and then playing music through it, or LF sine sweeps if you really trust your judgment, and crawling...
  12. Sound or acoustical diffusers in your room

    Home Audio Acoustics
    HI I want to ask some questions regarding sound or acoustical diffusers in your room. What is your big challenge to buy and install this type of “equipment”? Is it price, esthetic view, expectations of sound or arguments from your spouse? I mean in what condition you make your decision - "I...
  13. MP-1r-KIT Acoustical measurement kit: it acts like SPL meter?

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    I bought a MP-1r-KIT Acoustical measurement kit from the european site ISEMCON. My question is: Imagine that I whant only to allign the SoundPressureLevels (in terms of VOLUME)of my 5 speakers ... For this use do you think that my mic (MP-1r-KIT) is inappropriate? I need forcedly an SPL meter...
  14. Acoustical panel for door

    Home Audio Acoustics
    The HT entrance is from the back corner so the doorway forms part of the back left corner of the room. What type of acoustical panel is suitable to hang on the door ie thickness/ material and how should it be attached?
  15. Acoustical Design

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I did an acoustical design for film mixer Paul Massey's private mix room, and wrote an article about the process and techniques I used. You can read it at http://mixonline.com/post/facilities/acoustics_paradise/
  16. Quiet Walk acoustical underlay as treatment

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I just finished laying down some laminate floor. I purchased the best underlay I could find, which was the Quiet Walk brand. It consists of a thin recycled cotton fiber pad and a vapor barrier. I have about 2/3 of a roll left. I was wondering if I could use this to build panel absorbers and...
  17. acoustical plan - suggestions wanted

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I have a plan, I just don't know if it is a good one. Most of my decisions were based on what I gather from here and other places on the web. A little background: My dedicated basement HT is 14'5"w x 24'8"l x 8'h, there is a riser (2 layers 3/4" ply stuffed with glass) in the back for the...
  18. What ceiling acoustical treatment do I need?

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I am looking for a recommendation regarding ceiling acoustical treatment. I have inceiling speakers and I hear reflections or some echoes off the ceiling near the center channel. I know inceiling speakers are less then ideal and I am going to replace them in the future but is there a preferred...
  19. Acoustical treatments and WAF

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I've been tweaking my HT (in the living room setup, no basement!) and am at the point where I really need to consider some acoustical treatments. Do any of you have ideas that have proven to have desireable WAF? I'd like to make some of my own panels, but considering that they're in our main...
  20. Print Covered Acoustical Panels

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hi, I have a home with an open floor plan and a large family room with 2 story ceilings. I'm in desperate need of sound absorption, so I purchased 30 24"x24" acoustical panels to try and help. Of course my wife took one look at them and said "no way those are going on the wall". The colors...