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  1. Acoustical wood ceiling

    Home Audio Acoustics
    See attachment. Has anybody used these, and how effective are they at controlling sound ? I'd like to use them because they're absolutely beautiful, but they're very expensive. I couldn't justify the cost if they're not all that acoustically effective. Any and all feedback welcome.
  2. In need of a little acoustical advice. Room layout included.

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hi, I have recently built a dedicated theater room which I enjoy tremendously, but I would really love some input and advice on some things that I could do to make my listening experience even better. I have included the floor plan for the room in this thread, so as to give you a better idea...
  3. Acoustical solution needed...

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Below are a few shots of our fellowship hall that we have recently refinished. Unfortunately tile was opted for instead of going back with carpet. We had no echo problems previously with carpet. We have some pretty picky ladies that are going to be very difficult to please when it comes to...