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  1. Adam T5V Active Studio Monitors for Computer

    System Setup and Connection
    Hey guys...been a long time since I've posted on here...or bought a piece of stereo equipment. Anyway...I ended up seeing great reviews of these Adam T5V active monitors and couldn't help pulling the trigger and buying a pair. Should be here in a couple days. My plan is to use them as...
  2. 1960's Adam West "Batman" TV series to finally come out on home video in Nov

    Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    ooooooo, been waiting on this for DECADES
  3. ADAM A3X Sweeps.

    REW Forum
    No smoothing, 0-80db 15-21khz I'd like feedback... any thoughts? I tried to attach the project file to this post... hope it worked. Much appreciated. Taken with CSL EMM-6, Behringer x1622 and of course my ADAM A3x's. Soundcard and mic cals. What are those severe notches in the...
  4. Adam Ax7 for 5.1 sound

    Audio Processing
    Hi everybody I'm an audio engineer. I've just bought 2 of Adam Ax7 speaker for my studio Is it a good speaker for 5.1 sound, or it will be better to buy a complete system?? Thanks Andres