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  1. Ensuring surround sound 5.1 with Fire TV Stick added to system

    System Setup and Connection
    Units: Panasonic TC-P50V10 (Manual: https://www.manualslib.com/products/Panasonic-Tc-P50v10-3586225.html) Yamaha RXV800 (Manual: http://www.manualsdir.com/manuals/229633/yamaha-rx-v800.html) Panasonic DMP-BD85 (manual: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/117186/Panasonic-Dmp-Bd85-Operating-Manual-...
  2. TSP: REW asks for added mass while using closed box method

    REW Forum
    Hello everyone, First I would like to say thanks to the author of REW. Life has become a lot easier for DIY enthusiasts compared to a decade ago, when I started building loudspeakers and such great tools were not readily available. I have measured the impedance of some 6.5" and 15" drivers...
  3. I added a another car to the fleet.

    Chat Box SWAMP
    Just picked up the SL550 this weekend. I'm starting to see a pattern here.
  4. Added a computer to my HT

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    I purchased some software to manage my growing collection: http://www.collectorz.com/movie/ I currently have my blurays still in there original cases in bookcases at the back of my HT. One holds blurays the other is filled with TV show series. All my DVDs are either in an electric carousel...
  5. Sid Meier, Keiji Inafune added to GDC 2012 roster

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Civilization creator, Capcom veteran holding sessions at March gaming convention; League of Legends producer discussing new Dominion mode. The 2012 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco is now just over a month away, but the event's organizers are continuing to tinker with its...
  6. Added Buttkicker Fullsize to my Berkline 12006 aka 45088's

    Home Theater Seating and Accessories
    Managed to install fullsize buttkicker's into my berkline 12006 tonight. works great! not sure if i have a wiring glitch somewhere, but after sitting on my 12006 with full size buttkicker, then jumping onto a chair with buttkicker mini, i can barely feel the mini's at work Swapped out one of my...
  7. Finally added some absorption

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Well I finally got around to it and made some mini-chunks (12x12x17) in my front corners and a couple 2" 4x2 panels for the side wall first reflection points. I used 6 lb/ft³ mineral wool. I faced the corner chunks and backed the wall panels with some left over laminate underlay that's made from...
  8. IB3 series added to web store.

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    The IB3 series is based off of the current "IB18" driver and now comes in 18", 15", and 12" versions. Coils available are single 2 Ohm and single 4 Ohm. As the previous drivers were "stocked" the new IB3 series will now be custom made at the time of purchase like all other Fi Audio drivers...
  9. Added 2nd Sub - REW Huge Success

    REW Forum
    So I used to run "only" one SVS CS-Ultra but because of the size of my room (see attached Room Layout) and my craving for bass you can *feel* I'd always wanted to try adding a second one. A couple of weeks ago I found a guy locally selling his for a great price and snapped it up. This morning...