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  1. Samsung HT-J5500W additional devices?

    AV Home Theater
    Hey all, Just picked up something basic for the condo, Samsung HT-J5500W. Works great, got the rear wifi, nice little app store comes with it, wifi works good. Now i tried calling Samsung direct and it was pointless, i want to connect additional devices. This has 1 HDMI/Optical go together...
  2. Additional Speakers

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I have an Onkyo TX NR5009 with an Emotiva XPR3 connected to the receiver via RCA wires to drive the front left, right and center speakers. Does this setup disable the receiver LRC speaker connections, or can I connect an additional set of LRC speakers to the receiver via the normal receiver...
  3. LMS-Ultra 5400 build; worth adding additional smaller subs?

    Sealed Subwoofer Build Projects
    I am building a single TC Sounds LMS ULTRA 5400 18" in a 4 cubic foot sealed box and plan on using it in my enclosed basement theater with dimensions of approximately 12’ x 19’ with 8’ ceilings. This DIY hobby has left me with quite a few subs and no logical place to put them. Is it even worth...
  4. Additional Help Requested

    REW Forum
    Hey again, So I just updated to the latest beta version of REW and turned off direct monitor, which apparently resolved the active monitoring path. I'm under the impression that I should be aiming for a target level on the scans around 75dbs, but the scans I've attached when setting test levels...
  5. Additional 2 rear speakers with soundbar?

    Home Audio Speakers
    I purchased the Sony HT ST7 sound-bar not to long ago and am thinking of adding two rear speakers to it. I'm thinking of purchasing a new receiver (not sure which one yet) and using the sound-bar as the front speakers (left, center, right) but I am not really sure if this is even possible or if...
  6. Additional locations for acoustic panels?

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I've built 6 - 24"x48" acoustic panels with 2" owens corning 703 fiberglass. I live in a small condo, space is limited for the time being, trying to make the best out of my space, I have a small L shaped area where everything is setup. I was able to use the mirror technique, found the 1st...
  7. Adding additional speakers to a receiver

    System Setup and Connection
    Hello, I have an older Kenwood VR 705 receiver that I have in my living room. I have it hooked up for 5.1 surround sound and works great. I want to hook up a set of outdoor speakers on my patio, but my receiver doesn't have an A/B selector option. Is there a way this can be done, without...
  8. Basic stereo-to-TV connection with additional components

    System Setup and Connection
    I've been doing a lot of reading up on the internet about connecting stereo speakers to a TV, but nothing I've read seems to fit my situation. I have old, basic equipment - no HDMI or anything like that. Here is what I have: Panasonic SC-PM20 Shelf Stereo system Emerson EWL20S5C LCD Color TV...
  9. YES, FSN sign up additional providers for Yankees/Mariners 3D broadcast

    Since we last checked in, the YES Network has expanded the networks with the first 3D MLB broadcasts as the Yankees play the Mariners this weekend. Verizon had previously mentioned it would have 3D baseball on FiOS, while Multichannel News says Blue Ridge Communications, Cablevision...
  10. Additional room treatments for LS9's

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Now that I have my LS9's want to add more treatments to make the room more suited for the new speakers. Problem is I don't know much about how best to treat a room for this type of speaker, or in general for that matter. The room they are in has ATS panels, and a GIK tri-trap pair. The room...
  11. Additional Sub for surrounds/rear

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Has anyone used an additional sub to support surrounds or rears?
  12. Additional factors to account for when calibrating?

    REW Forum
    I know that you are supposed to use a cal file for your mic/spl meter to be used and also you are to create a cal file for your sound card. My question is if there are additional pieces in the signal chain why not make the cal file account for them as well? Like the Xenyx mixer, additional...
  13. Save an Additional 10% on Your High-Definition DVDs for a Year

    Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    Save an Additional 10% on Your High-Definition DVDs for a Year Here's how it works: Purchase any qualifying item(s) from our Electronics Store now, and within 72 hours you will be enrolled to save 10% on all HD DVD and Blu-ray disc purchases for one year from the date of your qualifying order...