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  1. How to ban the banner ads from Panasonic Smart TVs

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    The Viera Connect or Smart Viera feature on new Panasonic TVs now includes a banner ad that pops up every time you turn on the TV. Here's how to disable it. When I reviewed the Panasonic TC-PVT50 series I was annoyed to see that the latest software update caused a banner ad to appear whenever...
  2. Google Interest Based Ads Opt-Out

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    If you use Google for your search engine and have cookies enabled, they store a cookie on your computer that creates what is called "Interest Based Advertising". The short of it is that when you visit sites that show Google ads, you will likely see ads related to products and services you have...
  3. Will ADS Technologies Pyro A/V Link work with REW?

    REW Forum
    Quick question: Will the ADS Technologies Pyro A/V Link work as a sound card for my laptop? Thanks Kevin