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  1. First graphs, advice?

    REW Forum
    Hi guys. So I finally got some (non-messed-up) graphs together. I have a 7.2 setup. Most of the measurements I did were in stereo mode, but I did some with "all channel stereo" as well, just for kicks. I have tile floors over concrete, 2 very small rugs, one of which is near the listening...
  2. Woofer replacement advice?

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hello all, I was recently given a pair of JBL S312 speakers (yay), but sadly the woofers are blown (not yay). Factory replacements are $165 each so being the cheapskate that I am, I'm wondering about a lower priced alternative. Does anyone have any recommendations for 12" woofers that would...
  3. Living room layout design - advice?

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    My wife and I will be closing on our first house at the end of June. I am looking for some feedback/advice on how to lay out the living room. Attached is a general idea I came up with, however, I am looking to get some specifics from you guys (TV and speaker placement/height). The interior...
  4. I think I am ready to buy the Epson 6100. Any final words of advice?

    Home Theater Projectors
    Theater is 23 long, 10 wide and 7 high. No windows at all, canned lights in the ceiling and sconces on the walls which will all be on dimmers but probably off when the movies start. The PJ will be ceiling mounted above the front sofa. I have done distance calculations and believe (I am at...
  5. Screen advice?

    DIY Screens
    I just purchased a Mitsubishi HC5500, and am making a DIY screen for it. The HC5500 is rated at 1200 Ansi with a 14000:1 contrast ratio. I have a very large wall with 20" ceilings which i am projecting onto, and I kinda want to take advantage of this. My current HD setup displays a 16:9 setup...