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  1. Cant hit 23.976 Hz with Nvidia GTS 450 and Panasonic AE4000U Projector

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    Hey guys - I joined the ae4000u club back in January - and love the picture quality My quick system specs: Panasonic ae4000u 1080p projector Denon 2808 AVR HTPC w/ Nvidia GTS 450 Video I simply can not make the video card hit 23.976 when I try to customize it - and I have had it hooked up 2...
  2. Help with aspect ratio/auto switching for AE4000U please

    Home Theater Projectors
    I've looked everywhere for instructions on how to use the auto switching for 16:9 and 2:35 feature via lens memory. Can someone please post a step by step / menu by menu how to for this? I can't figure it out. Do I put in a 2:35 movie, adjust the screen to get rid of black bars, save, ( but to...
  3. Panasonic PT AE4000u settings, What do you use?

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hi everyone, Me again. Hope no one objects to me posting another thread about the Panasonic AE4000 but I wonder if it would be good to have a dedicated thread on what setting people use who have this model? It seems that right out of the box the Cinima1 mode seems to be the choice most...
  4. screen gain recomendaton for AE4000U

    General Screen Discussion
    I am considering ordering the new AE4000U. I will be purchasing a 16:9 106" electric screen to go with it. My main viewing will be games and movies. My HT is also my living room so it is not light controlled although most viewing will be done at night. I sit 12 - 14' from the screen. Viewing...