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  1. Newbie Considering Epson 3500 or Panasonic AE8000-

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    It's my first media room set-up and I can't make my mind-up between the Epson or the Panasonic. Room is dedicated media room, no windows painted dark grey. I've ordered my speakers (pre-wired for 7.1). Room is 22'x13'x9'. Speakers will be all Klipsch - Front's = floor standing reference series...
  2. Panasonic AE8000 on its way!

    Home Theater Projectors
    Well after a long time of being undecided I finally took the plunge and bought a new Panasonic AE8000 to replace my AE4000 thats been in my theater for 4 years. I found one on sale in Canada for $2200 Thats about $1750 USD. So definitely not a bad deal at all. I hope the difference is as...
  3. DIY Framed screen recommendations for PT AE8000

    DIY Screens
    First, I want to say that I found this forum by accident. I was viewing another forum that rhymes with 'Hey Dee Yes' and was frustrated by the lack of details and hard data in the recommendations. After some googling, I found this forum with extremely helpful people and LOTS of data. So Thank...
  4. Panasonic ae8000 2:35.1 vs 16:9

    General Screen Discussion
    Im getting a panasonic ae8000 projector, I currently have the epson 5010 and project on to a 16:9 120" curved fixed elite screen. I know the New panny has a zoom feature where you can configure 2:35 viewing, so I want to get an electric 2:35 elite screen to use for just movies. I was wondering...