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  1. Alan ball

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    Hi alll
  2. Goodby Alan Thicke, passes at age 69

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    I just read the news that Canadian born actor Alan Thicke passed away from a heart stack while playing hockey with his youngest son in LA. I loved the show Growing pains that he played the father. He was a very friendly person off screen and had a lot of people talking today after the news of...
  3. Hello, this is Alan from HK

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    I am looking forward to learn about speaker calibration software like REW and to learn about designing crossover for speakers. :wave:
  4. Fixed version of DRCDesigner by Alan Jordan

    REW Forum
    Kudos to Alan Jordan, creator of DRCDesigner, for giving us a converted/fixed version of his GUI/Front End for Denis Sbragion's DRC (Digital Room Correction), a command-line-interface FIR filter and impulse generator. Here is the download link for the fixed version of DRCDesigner. If you refer...
  5. Remedy Moves Alan Wake to Multiplatform, but PS3 is Left Unsupported

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    Remedy Moves Alan Wake to Multiplatform, but PS3 is Left Unsupported Typically, the PlayStation 3 holds its own when it comes to exclusives, but there was one game that came out in 2010 which would have fit perfectly on the console but never made it: Alan Wake. It was just announced that...
  6. Alan Wake arriving early in Europe

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    The Xbox 360 exclusive action game is now set to hit store shelves in on May 14; North American release still May 18. Alan Wake will be released in Europe a full week ahead of its original release date, Microsoft has announced. The Remedy-developed psychological action thriller was...
  7. alan monro

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    So far, Marantz SR5500 amp front and center spkrs Klipsch rf25 side and rear 4 Klipsch rs25 subwoofer 2,15"spkrs in 80cu.ft enclosure<stage> projector AcerPH110