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  1. IB - Infinite Baffle Subwoofer Build Projects
    Hi everyone, I am new in the group and planning to set up a subwoofer system. I have 2 x EV30W and 2 x Altec 515B, I also has a store room ( 72 inch tall,, 72 inch wide by 51 inch deep ) i would like to kno whow should I place the 4 driver to make the best subwoofer room.......!! I am using a...
  2. DIY Speakers
    I have an opportunity to pick up a pair of Altec Lansing Iconic Flamenco speakers. A 15" woofer, and an 18" horn. The fellow that has them will take another pair of speakers that I don't use for them. I think its an OK deal. The Altec cabinets are in rough shape. They are constructed out of MDF...
  3. DIY Speakers
    There are some speakers I built for my friend Carter. He had the vintage Altec 605B sitting around and wanted to use them. Here is the design I came up with based on the Altec 620 cabinets plans. First I cut up a couple sheets of 3/4" MDF.
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  10. DIY Speakers
    My speakers are not a full DIY speaker from the ground up, but rather a rebuild of a pair of 1979 Altec Lansing Model 15s (2-way, 802-8D compression driver in bent horn, 12" woofer re-conned by Altec in 1991). I rebuilt the crossover using Solen Fast Caps, rewired the speakers w/ Kimber 4TC...
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  13. Home Theater System Recommendations
    Ok well i just spent the whole day looking for speakers on the internet. Not i can't decide which one to pick, so i need your suggestions and i'd like to hear if anyone had experience with those speakers. The speakers will be hooked on a HDTV in my room. Will be used 75% to watch movies and 25%...
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  16. DIY Speakers
    Is there someone who can suggest the size of ported enclosure for this woofer? Thanks for looking!
  17. Home Audio Speakers
    Hi People, I have now shortlisted on two speakers and I am kind of confused between them they are the Klipsch promedia Ultra 2.1 (2.1) or the Altec Lansing FX-5051 (5.1). My Budget is $ 200. But I would like you guys to please suggest me between these two. The magnificent sound from Klipsch but...
  18. Home Audio Speakers
    Hi, I am looking out for some Good Quality External speakers to connect to my Laptop. And I am confused between buying a 2.1 or a 5.1 Speaker system. My objective is, when I am listening to Music or watching Movies on my Laptop I should get a out of the world sound experience. I am also more...
  19. Home Audio Speakers
    So i just got a pair of altec 920 -8as in pristine condition and i need some info i cant find anyting on them. theyre 12" coaxial speakers and i would love to find cabinets for them. any ideas? Chris
1-19 of 19 Results