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  1. AMC to Speed Up Dolby Cinema Rollout

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    AMC’s new line of commercial theaters has certainly caught the attention of nit-picky home theater enthusiasts that, for years, have shunned the standard (and, admittedly, middling quality) movie theater experience. After all, it’s tough to wander away from the friendly confines of a finely...
  2. Turn - AMC's new series

    Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    From IMDB: I watched the premiere and it has me interested.
  3. Dish Network has AMC HD now, casually points out DirecTV still doesn't

    Congratulations Dish Network on announcing yourself as "the first and only satellite TV provider in America to offer this channel." Though DirecTV still has NFL Sunday ticket, if your taste run more towards Don Draper than Adrian Peterson, you won't get Mad Men in HD there, yet. Check for the...