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  1. Home Theater, Audio and Video Equipment Reviews
    hi guys, I am a new user here on this platform . I am setting up my first home theatre ( my room size 9.6 feet w x 18.7 feet L x 8.5 feet H). I need a suggestion from you guys to fulfill my dream home theatre . my preferred equipments (i listen 50 percentage music and 50 percentage movies i...
  2. DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Does where the level is set on an EQ and amplifer matter in relation to output? Right now I have both the EQ and amp set at 3 o'clock...would it make a difference if I turned it down to 12 o'clock or all the way up before running Audyssey MultEQ XT on my Denon receiver? TIA
1-2 of 2 Results