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  1. Home Audio Acoustics
    Hey there, first of all thanks to all to all the people that keep that Forum going... Quite awesome... I did a room measurement (Equipment: Behringer ECM 8000 no cal, Apollo Twin calibrated, through Dynaudio Bm5 mk 2 Full Range and a probably tiny room). Anyone who could help me to interprete...
  2. CD-BD-DVD Music | Vinyl Records
    With all the talk about how many modern recordings are very poor in regards to dynamics, distortion, and clipping; can anyone walk me through how to analyze the quality of a recording using Audacity? Are there any good tutorials you have saved?
  3. REW Forum
    Hello all, I'm a first time REW user (would that make me a REWbie?) and plan on leveraging the data as best I can to optimize my HTS and room environment. I haven't taken any measurements yet, but have the setup working to start tomorrow (as long as environmental background conditions allow...
  4. REW Forum
    I took some REW measurements today of just my sub, then both mains together, the the sub + mains together and would appreciate opinions on what I found. I ran a 10hz - 120hz sweep on the sub, a 10hz - 20khz sweep on the mains, and a 10hz - 20khz sweep on the sub+mains, and it looks like I have...
  5. REW Forum
    I have recently started with REW and before I make any changes to the room and speakers, I am still new to this and would like some interpretation from these graphs, mainly from the graph with no smoothing and how it compares to the other graphs. The added detail at the higher frequencies with...
  6. REW Forum
    I bought a miniDSP UMIK-1 and downloaded the Beta version of REW. I am thoroughly impressed. I am a mechanical engineer and have a somewhat decent understand of acoustics. I do quite a bit of noise testing on large machinery so I am somewhat familiar with at least the basics. My goal is to use...
  7. REW Forum
    Hi, I'm beginner in using REW. I used this program to analyze impulse response, for my group projects, but I don't have any idea about how should I deal with it. I measured the sounds with it, and saved as .mdat files, but I can't find any functions to analyze. If there's any tutorial for this...
  8. Home Theater, Audio and Video News
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  9. REW Forum
    Been lurking around learning for awhile and finally got a BFD2496...Now I need to figure out how to put it into action. So, I'm hoping for some advice from some more knowledgeable folks. Thanks in advance Equipment Galaxy CM-140 FBQ2496 Denon 1911 Emotiva Ultra 12 The room is 14x24x8. It...
  10. REW Forum
    Attached is a screen shot of my first analysis of my room using Version 4 REW. Will someone review my graghs and let me know what you "see" and what my next step should be? I am a long time musician and electronics tech but brand new to REW. Thanks, Dave
  11. Home Audio Acoustics
    Hi, I'm testing a collaboration project: - I send some test files to some guys - they play them in their control room and send the files back to me - I analyze the files and send some tips and a calculated impulse response to be loaded in a convolution reverb for the main mixer bus and kept...
1-11 of 12 Results