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  1. New to SVS and Full of Questions (and hope)

    Like most (or all) of you, I've had a few experiences in my life where I said, "I had no idea that stereo could sound so good." The first time I said this was roughly 6 years ago when I went to an Ultimate Electronics store in Salt Lake City, UT while on a business trip (back when Ultimate...
  2. Do You Guys (and Gals) Use Your Surround AVR's Tuner?

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    With the feature of course onboard and built into receivers as part of their "nature," I was wondering how many of you actually utilize your surround AVR's tuner...
  3. Mechman (and others): Screen Contrast Ratio

    DIY Screens
    Mech, Bill, Don,........... In your trials of testing all of these DIY mixes, from this forum and elsewhere, have you done any emmisive readings off the screen to check for contrast ratio? Can it be done with any accuracy with your Eye1Pro? I'm wondering if doing something like that would put...
  4. ? for Mike P. (and others willing to help)

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I was hoping that Mike P. (and possibly others) would be willing to review this design, and advise me accordingly. The design will incorporate 4 EHQS 12 (4ohm version) drivers in a tower configuration with a slot port at the top (or bottom). The inner dimensions of the box are 20" wide x...