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  1. System Setup and Connection
    Any dump direct tv for antenna? I was looking for advice on recommended home antenna , coax to Hdmi convert and dolly decoding from home antenna to send to receivers in Hdmi and optical . One home theater room and 4 other rooms just need tv . Ht room Devices 2 Onkyo txt sr608 receivers Hdmi...
  2. Mobile Audio
    K gang I have a hd tuner in my car and was wondering is there any good way ie inexpensive way to improve reception in a 93 third stock is a powered unit with a control switch to raise or lower it as wanted would a new antenna that raised all the time give better reception then the stock one any...
  3. System Setup and Connection
    I am considering moving my OTA antenna to the attic to improve reception and reduce weak signals at times. I know an outdoor antenna is the best way to go but I am not getting on my roof or paying someone to install one for me. Can I run rg6 cable next to electrical cables without interfering...
  4. System Setup and Connection
    We are probably dropping cable TV service in November and hooking up an OTA antenna. I understand that I need to connect an optical cable from the TV to my Onkyo 709 AVR. To watch TV and listen through the AVR do I select the TV input and then control the volume with the AVR? Any other tips for...
  5. Remotes | Cables | Accessories | Tweaks
    Looking for indoor antenna that works well. I usually can the tv service in the summer but would like to get ota broadcasts. Hate to waste money when the programming is weak and we can be out having fun in the sun. Can't watch movies all the time. Thanks in advance.
  6. Remotes | Cables | Accessories | Tweaks
    Don't know if I'm in the right area but I recently bought a new tv (bigger) so I have an outstanding Samsung 40 inch which I have put in the kitchen but I don't need to tack on another cable box charge so I was wondering if anyone has had experience with amplified antennas any advice is greatly...
  7. Home Theater Projectors
    Was wondering if its possible to connect my TV antenna to my Optoma HD20
  8. System Setup and Connection
    We have decided to end are service with DirectTV which saves us $150.00 a month and I bought an antenna was wondering if I can hook up through my reciever instead of TV to get the surround sound for the local channels
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  10. General Service and Technical Information
    I've cut the cable cord for a while now and plan to build a coat hanger antenna but our local PBS station is broadcasting on ch11 (12.1 digital) with a very low broadcast strength. I'm in a ground floor apartment and my wife is not so keen on me getting too crazy with my antenna build so I'm...
  11. System Setup and Connection
    (I'm not sure where to post this so if it should be moved somewhere more appropriate please do so.) Having solved my initial video and speaker wiring challenges, I've now got several FM tuners inside of my two equipment closets and would like to get them a decent signal to work with. I can get...
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  15. Remotes | Cables | Accessories | Tweaks
    My AM/FM Rotel receiver is in the basement,and the FM reception is mediocre at best.Any reasonable recommendations for a decent indoor antenna?I currently have one of those "T" wire ones that comes with the component. I would rather not have to run a coax cable outside? Thanks:sn:
  16. AV Home Theater
    Not sure if anyone here uses free, OTA to watch TV, but I am hoping someone does. Awhile back, I posted a thread and it proved for some lively discussion. We are nearing the end of our discounted rate with ATT and I am not going with another provider except as a last resort. I ordered an...
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  19. AV Home Theater
    I've searched on this a bit but either I'm not using the correct key words or it's just not out there. My HT is in my basement. My receiver came with the cheapo little wire for FM reception. I really enjoy the local stations that keep me updated on events in the area. To make matters...
  20. System Setup and Connection
    Cant find a place to put this but thought id share Heres my coat hanger antenna....actually copper wire 14awg since i didnt have enough metal hangers.... It pulls in signal better than this HD phillips amplified antenna ($30) Im getting fox at 76% now instead of 72 with no drop-outs.....best...
1-20 of 23 Results