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  1. Cutting the Cord: An Antenna Success Story

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    My primary reason for posting this thread is to help mitigate others’ apprehension for investing in an antenna. It would have been easier for me to make that decision had I found some “good experience” threads out there. Sorry if it is a bit of a novel. Anyway…as you might have guessed, I...
  2. HD antenna help!!

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    Ok so I have a Samsung LNS3241DX/XAA 32 inch LCD HDTV with built in ASTC tuner. I just bought a HD antenna from radio shack. Now maybe I'm an idiot but I can't get a signal and i don't mean just HD signal i mean i can't even get a fuzzy picture like when i used to use bunny ears with my old SD...
  3. Wireless A/V distribution and HD Antenna's

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    Are there any products out there that wirelessly distribute A/V in HD? I know there is the Terk Leapfrog for regular def, but didn't know if there was anything else out there for HD. Also, what HD OTA antenna's are good out there right now? Naturally, as small a profile as possible is...