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  1. REW and APO Equalizer

    Audio Processing
    Hello guys, sorry for my english but I'm french. I begin the room correction for my 7.1 system and I have 1 question. I use REW with UMIK-1 and AISO4ALL for calibration (with HTPC -> Onkyo nr609 by HDMI). I make all filters and add to APO equalizer to correct audio, but for the player (MPC-BE) I...
  2. REW generated mic cal. Using EQ APO

    REW Forum
    Hello everyone, I was wondering if it is possible to use REW to create/ generate a mic calibration file that can be loaded into EQ APO so that when I run Smaart6 I can count on the same measurement accuracy I get when using REW or any other software that makes use of mic cal data. Smaart6 does...
  3. EQ APO / Pro Tools / DAW

    REW Forum
    Hello, I have successfully installed and manipulated EQ APO. Super cool application. But... For my purposes it doesn't seem to play nice with my audio software. I'm running pro-tools 10 to record, dit and mix music. 1 - Is there another system wide EQ that would work running under pro tools? I...
  4. Installed Equalizer APO - no sound

    System Setup and Connection
    Help! No sound at all - is it compatible with IDT HD sound???
  5. Suitable mic for REW 5 and APO

    REW Forum
    <100€. It can be usb too. Which are the best? "Cross Spectrum calibration lab has provided us with a graph of how various Behringer ECM8000 microphones and Dayton EMM-6 can differ in their responses. While many units are within an acceptable variance, some are not. Read more...
  6. Equalizer APO Compatible Example Configs

    REW Forum
    Hello, I'm new to REW and I'm trying to see if Equalizer APO can help me configure my setup, so that all the channels would sound more "lively", instead of plain flat. The problem is, that I'm currently unable to try and optimize my Equalizer APO settings by using REW, since my computer is in...
  7. Sound card + Equalizer APO VS Behringer FBQ2496

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    I have tried to eliminate my room modes with REW in generic mode, APO equalizer, Laptop onboard sound card, behringer ecm8000, behringer xenyx 802 and pioneer 1018. Although i finished the process and the curve seemed satisfactory, the real world result was dissapoiniting. I tried raising bass...
  8. REW - APO - ASIO interactions?

    REW Forum
    I'm working on installing REW so I can use a parametric EQ from sourceforge that requires REW. I have some ASIO drivers installed that are essential to my recording equipment. I want to use REW and this APO only for the sound of this notebook computer through its own speakers. Is there any...
  9. EQ filters settings

    REW Forum
    Hello! Totally new to this audiostuff. How to decide, what are the best settings for my EQ filters? I'm just setting it up to create a configuration for Equalizer APO. I have Creative 2.1 speakers with 20W (?) subwoofer thats turned on "minimum" but bass is still too loud for my little room. I...