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  1. DIY Speakers
    I am building the swope towers and came across a situation. How do i make these look better than just a pair of boxes. Any ideas on what to do to make them more stable at the base? Every idea i come up with runs into one issue or another. Suggestions would be much appreciated.
  2. Home Theater, Audio and Video News
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  3. Mitsubishi
    Anyone have any idea on what causes the set to have a series of green and white rectangles that fill the screen, No menu on screen display or anything just the checker board appearance. Thanks for any input. I am thinking the light engine but not sure how to diagnose the light engine. Thanks
  4. Mitsubishi
    I'm getting this Intermittent hazy appearance that makes the picture look washed out. The colors are still present but it looks really washed out (or appears too bright), and this comes and goes. At times a minor tap on the TV will make this happen or go away. A service guy came out and...
1-4 of 11 Results