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    Does anyone have a lead on an EQ plugin that will accept biquad filters? Thanks Brad Currie
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    I have a Denon receiver using apple airplay on my i phone, and I can pretty much walk all over the house but when I get to my bathroom in the master bedroom (about 50 ft away) it tends to cut out a little bit. Is there anything I can do?
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    There is more news regarding the possible future of Sharp products. Apple supposedly gave $2 billion to Sharp to stay afloat so that they can continue to be one of the main suppliers for Apple's displays for iOS devices while branching off from Samsung. This could be a concern for the sharp...
  6. HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    Hello, There are a number of reports out there discussing whether or not Panasonic is going to continue building PDP/LCD's and I am beginning to think at best there might be new Panasonic Plasmas offered in 2013. Here are some links: http://www.reuters.com/assets/print?aid=USBRE89F1BQ20121016...
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    Can I control my Apple TV via Network from my Crestron MP2e. I have had it setup via IR and its not great slow etc. Also if I have a running PC with iTunes open can I view my iTunes music movies via crestron
  8. Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    I am just Interested in information about the Roku, hulu , boxee or any other streaming devices which have good reviewsStreaming box on the market in US , living in Ireland we have limited Internet TV, Apple TV is only set for movies but if we open an American account we can access the TV shows etc.
  9. System Setup and Connection
    I'm interested in recommendations for the best way to connect an Xbox and Apple TV to a Pioneer VSX-821.
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  11. Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    Anyone have a thought on how a Mac Mini cold be used as a media center? Wanting central media server but don't want to spend too much.
  12. Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    I'm sure there will be many naysayers on this particular thread who will question the architecture and end results of the setup I have put together for whole house A/V streaming and I can appreciate everyone's preferences. That being said, this particular thread is targeted to those that want...
  13. System Setup and Connection
    Hi everyone, this my first real post! I really hope you guys can help me out with this one. I have a 2009 MacBook Pro with Windows 7 installed so I can use an external Blu Ray drive, and basically turn my laptop in a part time HTPC. I also purchased a Pioneer vsx 520-k Receiver, and Optoma HD20...
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    Does the apple TV provide the same movie streaming features and music sharing as the xbox 360 minus the xbox gold fee? Will it share music from a windows PC? 99 dollars seems like a low price for a streaming device. I assume it can work as a wired device too.
  15. Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    When I turned on my AVR-4311ci today, it told me there was a new feature available for download. http://usa.denon.com/us/Airplayus/index.html I don't have much Apple DRM music, and every single thing in my entertainment center right now (including the AVR-4311ci itself) can stream mp3 from my...
  16. System Setup and Connection
    Hi, I've got a Samsung HDTV LN-T5265F, a Comcast DCT6412 III cable box, a Samsung HT-Z510 Home Theater and a new Apple TV. Just got the Apple TV. Everything works but don't see how to get digital audio from the ATV out of the HT. The ATV connects to the TV via HDMI, the Cable box connects to...
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    Sony Receives Stock Market Boost Amidst Apple Buyout Rumors 10/26/2010 Written by Mike Hartnett It’s being talked about across the web – a potential Apple buyout of Sony. Real of fake, the buzz is helping push Sony shares up, with investors apparently backing the idea. Rumors...
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    TV - Google vs. Roku vs. Apple? What are the differences in these streaming media applications? Just saw this: AVS - Logitech Unveiling Google TV Product On Oct. 6 Home Toys - The Media Stream "Google TV will be a new experience that combines TV, the entire Web, and apps--as well as a way to...
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    I couldn't find the latest iPhone discussion on TCA Forum, so move/delete if this is old news... FYI... Apple Announces iPhone 4 Apple site iPhone4 vs. 3GS Slashdot Link MacWorld Link (with pics) (bold added) AVS link Electronic House link 6-7-10 - CNET - The skinny on upgrading to...
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    How easy is it to connect an outdoor speaker to my apple tv ? I'm wanting to be able to listen to my music whilst outside my back garden. My apple tv is situated in my living room. What equipment would I need ? I've enquired about "AIR TUNES" but apple weren't that helpful?