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  1. home theater set up using speakers and itunes music

    System Setup and Connection
    I'm trying to figure out the simplest way to set up a home theater system with a Dish Hopper receiver with HDMI, a Blu-ray DVD player with HDMI, a set of external surround sound speakers, a plasma TV with 2 HDMI ports, a MacBook air, and a new ipod touch. All the music I want to play is in...
  2. AppleTV (v3) as audio out?

    REW Forum
    Hay all I have a macbook pro and it only has one input/output jack, but I have an apple TV and I can set my computer audio to output to the apple TV. I know there is a small delay in doing this but I was wondering if it would be possable to utilize the apple TV as my "line out" with a rat-shaq...
  3. AppleTV or Oppo-93 for media streaming

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    I want to convert a large CD library to lossless files for playback via AppleTV or and Oppo-93 Comparing Apple Lossless .m4a file to direct playback of a CD in the Oppo player was night and day difference. The Oppo sounded clearly better. Much fuller sound and more dynamic range. I'm going...
  4. Roku, AppleTV, PC, and HT?

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    First it was Netflix streaming movies on a Roku box. Then Amazon.com and other channels for independent content. Now I see that iTunes offers movies and TV shows through an AppleTV box into my HT. Looks like we are finally near the point of "distributed video". But how many boxes am I going to...
  5. Kaleidescape Mini System Music and DVD Server Review

    Unofficial Equipment Reviews (Non HTS Reviewers)
    Kaleidescape Mini System Music and DVD Server By: Dr. Ken Taraska The easier it is to enjoy your movie and music software, the more you will reap from the collection. If you don't believe me, just count the number of iPods you see in a day. Having the disc you want to see or hear immediately...
  6. AppleTV with Boxee

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    I recently added this hack to my appleTV so I could watch Hulu on my LCD..... any other users here?